The Cross And The Switchblade
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The Vision - Listen To Peter

In 1995 Peter G. James Sinclair grasped hold of a vision to transform the best selling story and film 'The Cross & The Switchblade' into a stage musical. Not coming from a musical background, nor being part of the musical theatre scene, this was to be a major feat for Peter to pursue.

He had been a Gospel recording artist in the 80's, but had always had a keen interest in the world of musicals. So Peter set about to study musicals in greater detail, and the more he studied the more he was convinced that he could create a timeless piece that would one day have its debut on the commercial and international stage. Peter composed the majority of this musical in his lounge room surrounded by his children.


His vision is to see 'The Cross & The Switchblade' launched as a fully staged musical in the city of the stories origin, New York. He has already visualised himself walking down the red carpet with his family on opening night.

'Early in 2009 I was led to give away the piano upon which I had composed my musical 'The Cross & The Switchblade'. The day was a mix of pain and joy because I knew that my black piano would bless the recipient of the gift. Soon after, my family and I were forced to move house, and on finally discovering another home - to my utter amazement it came with a surprise addition - another piano. I knew then that it was time to dust off my dream and take my musical to the world. The dream, discarded over a decade ago, was to be pursued once again. It's my hope and desire, that as others watch the rebirth of my dream, that they too will be inspired to pick up some of their old dreams, and go yet again.'

- Peter G. James Sinclair - October 2009

"Peter Sinclair's musical gifts are amply displayed on this recording as he played for all the songs and has written five of them. He interprets other people's music as thrillingly as he does his own and he always throws himself into every project with an enthusiasm that is totally infectious. As a composer he has a terrific range from hard-hitting rock, to complex ensembles and then some of the most beautiful lyrical outpourings you're likely to encounter from a contemporary musician." - Tim Page: starred in the original West End productions of Aspects of Love and Buddy, while in Australia his credits include Chess, Camelot, My Fair Lady and Ken Hill's Phantom Of The Opera, A Little Night Music, Sweeney Todd and Assassins.