The Cross And The Switchblade
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The Team

Peter G. James Sinclair - Composer, Lyricist & Creator

Peter G. James Sinclair is the CEO & Chairman of The OE Group of Companies that is currently comprised of OE Design - The Web Designers , OE Seminars and OE Publishing, and has owned and operated a number of successful businesses from the age of 18.

Having no design or technical experience, when it comes to websites, Peter has created an Internet Marketing Business that is a totally customer-centred.

In addition to running his web design and seminar businesses, Peter is the international best selling author of a number of highly acclaimed motivational books including 'Good Things Don't Come To Those Who Wait'. The title of this book summarizes his philosophy, which he carries over and into all his business ventures.

Thousands of individuals, all around the world, subscribe to Peter's Motivational Memo that is written to inspire individuals to be the best they can possibly become.

An accomplished public speaker, with over twenty years experience, Peter has the ability to inspire small business owners - through his passionate presentations - to think bigger than they've ever thought before, but at the same time providing them with the tools to actually not only think BIG, but to do BIG. Obviously his specialty is the online world where more and more business is going to be conducted in the years to come. Check out his personal website to find out more. Oh, and by the way, he writes world class musicals as well.

The Team

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Ben Sinclair Sarah Schelbach Jai Schelbach Daniel Dyson Nathan Dyson
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