The Cross And The Switchblade
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The Journey

Throughout 1996 Peter G. James Sinclair created the book, the score and the lyrics for this musical over a period of many months, and began to test his material in a range of settings throughout the years 1996 and 1997. Everywhere the songs were sung and played there was a positive response, and much applause from the audiences. Peter was determined to catch the ear of someone in the industry and even travelled to London to leave some sample recordings with one of Cameron Mackintosh's assistants, but made no headway there. He even had a personal audience in Sydney, Australia with Mr John Robertson who played a major role in bringing major musicals to the Australian public in the 80's and 90's - but unfortunately Peter's presentation coincided with John's retirement and the shutting down of the operations of the major musical company that he had worked for during that exceptionally successful musical period in Australia. Many others were approached, but no door opened.

While this was all happening, Peter had made contact with the literary agent who represented David Wilkerson and his co-authors John and Elizabeth Sherrill - The Evelyn Singer Literary Agency based in New York, and was granted permission to turn the story into a musical.

Peter, ever looking for someone to assist in the project, then took out an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald and other papers throughout his nation to seek other lyricists, and ended up working briefly with Rob Koops in Newcastle and then Tim Page in Sydney. Over time, with the assistance of Tim Page, who was a well seasoned professional actor and musical performer, the story moved its focus from the original American setting into a more Australian story entitled 'Blade'. Again after pursuing the interest of other performers, recording artists, directors etc. the development process ceased to progress. One highlight though during this time was that five of the songs were recorded on a cd, produced and performed by Tim and his friends, along with Peter accompanying the singers on a grand piano. Other recordings were also made during this period. But something in Peter's heart kept telling him that he should not discard the original story, and that he should be true to the original vision.

However, with no further openings seeming to be forthcoming, Peter turned his creative energies into writing and publishing his own motivational books, and even published other authors in both the U.K. and Australia as well as creating his own web design company.

And yet the dream never died. Whenever Peter would sit at a piano he would continue to pull out these melodies from the original musical 'The Cross & The Switchblade'. These rare occurrences continued to keep the flickering flame of a dream alive for over a decade.

But it wasn't until when Peter gave away his black piano in 2009, and then moved house six months later into a new abode, which to his utmost surprise just happened to come with another piano, that he was inspired to revisit the old dream. With the assistance of his son-in-law Jai Schelbach (J. S'Bach) he has now reworked and even rewritten much of the material, created a fresh score, and developed this website with the prime objective of searching the world for a producer who will assist in helping Peter G. James Sinclair to realise his dream.

This story, like 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and 'Godspell', has a Gospel theme, and yet it has a universal message of hope that resonates in the 21st century as much as it did in the 20th century when the actual events of this story occurred on the streets of New York City nearly fifty years ago.