The Cross And The Switchblade
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FAQ For Producers

What is the creator's desire for this musical?

One of my great desires is to see people inspired to dust off their dreams and to become all that God has created them to become. I also want to bring to the musical stage, not only great entertainment, but also a work that carries a great message for humanity of hope.

What is Peter G. James Sinclair looking for in a producer/production company?

Well it is fairly clear that I am looking for a producer with a clear and successful track record in work shopping new musicals and for taking them all the way to full production in major cities around the world. My eyes are clearly on the goal to see the work played to the audiences in New York, but am fully aware that we may need to take it to other places first in order to test the product. And then I want to see it brought to the stages of the world's musical theatre going public.

What philanthropic plans do you have with this website?

I am indebted to David Wilkerson, his publishers and his literary agent for allowing me to pursue this work. And in one way that I can return my thanks, I want to make sure that a percentage of all profits from ticket sales will be directly given back to the organisation that arose from this story. That being to World Challenge which was founded by Reverend David Wilkerson in 1971. It serves as a corporate umbrella for Reverend Wilkerson’s crusades, minister conferences, book and tract publishing, video production, street evangelism, literature distribution, feeding programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres and other charitable outreaches. He remains president of World Challenge, Inc. which has a mailing list to hundreds of thousands of people who regularly receive copies of his sermons and ministry updates. I would personally like to see finances go to their drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and we will do the same as we take this musical to cities around the world to other associated bodies who are connected with this organisation.

Why is Maria in the book now Lydia in the musical?

Pretty simple really. So that there is no confusion with the musical West Side Story - who had a Maria in it, I chose to create Lydia.

What does the cross in the O in the logo of this website mean?

The sun cross, a cross inside a circle, is one of the oldest and most widespread of symbols. The Neolithic symbol combining cross and circle is the simplest conceivable representation of the union of opposed polarities in the Western world. It often stood for the sun and the tree of life. In the context of this musical it is the bringing together of two totally different cultures, represented by the gangs and by Davie - these two opposed polarities that come together to create this powerful story entitled 'The Cross & The Switchblade'. This logo is not necessarily the final logo - but has at least got us started.